About me

Who am I? I am a bohemian by heart and I play a number of various roles each day. Predominantly, I am a woman with genuine feelings, then a wife and of course a mother. I am a photographer. I adore my family including our little dog Dante. I love to wander around and I like to travel on an impulse and discover the unknown. I love people with vitality in their eyes; small and tall, dark-haired or light-haired, slender and chubby ones. I love nature, freedom and the fresh air. I adore the sweet scent of flowers. When I go to bed, I like to watch the stars in the sky and listen to the sounds of nature around me. I love the mountains and forests, as well as the sea, the endless sandy beaches and the hot scorching sun. I love to treat my taste buds to sophisticated foods and drinks. I love the morning dew and the sounds of a waking morning. I love the caressing golden evening light. I love architecture. I love to surrender to beautiful ambiences. I adore the sound of a violin. I like the moments when I can indulge in daydreaming. I like dream catchers. I adore the stories about the Native Americans.

I don’t like spiders, wasps and worms. I don’t like the rain at weekends. I don’t appreciate excessive complicating and complaining. I don’t like negligence. I also don’t like noise after midnight. I don’t care for carefully planned adventures in my life.

What do I wish for with all my heart? To travel and take photographs. I would like to get to know new people, new cultures, new lands. I wish to learn as many languages as possible. As regards family goals, I would like us to go backpacking through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia in the near future. I wish to experience Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu with my darling, as well as various other places. I wish for a little wooden cottage of my own, in a peaceful location, surrounded by trees and a beautiful flower garden with a view of the mountains. When I reach old age, I would like nothing more than a travel van to take me and my hubby wherever we wish, so we can experience, taste and photograph the unknown. And predominantly, I wish all of us 5 (4 + doggy) to be happy, healthy, spontaneous and joyful everywhere and for good.

Polona Bartol

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