Family Photography


On my grandma’s kitchen wall, there was a saying: “A family is a bond woven of love, warmth and respect. It is a treasure of memories, capable of warming a heart no matter how gloomy it may be.”

There is no greater love and no stronger bond in life than the love that binds one to one’s child. There is no emotion more beautiful and exciting than the one that embraces us when we watch our children grow and develop. There is also no greater pleasure in the hearts of parents than when we look through family photos of the past and reminisce about funny, amusing moments, as well as those when we had to overcome hard times, but we survived. A photograph awakens so many memories and feelings.

My goal is to record through photographs the shared moments of your family as a “team”, so that they may bring on these happy memories in the future and enable you to share them with your nearest and dearest. Choose a place where you feel most comfortable, where you are completely relaxed and playful. Be who you are and bring along a few fun aesthetic accessories to make the game more interesting. It will be great fun, you will see.

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