Wedding Photography


Your wedding day is fast approaching, the day you have dreamt of, talked about and planned in great detail. This is the day when your life paths join into one, your path. Every moment of this precious day will present a cherished memory the very next day and on all the days to come. When thinking of the day, your hearts will flicker and bring a smile to your lips, even if you find yourself in troubled times; and fill you with the emotions of this beautiful day. Maybe you already have children, who will share this treasured day with the two of you, and so this step will have an additional meaning. Tomorrow brings you your future and if memories of this day have a great emotional value for you, I am the right wedding photographer for you. If we haven’t met yet, you can read more about me.

My goal is to record the story of your happiest day in a unique and personal way that is your own, using wedding photography. I promise you fun and laughter, a professional service and an unforgettable adventure.

If you have any additional questions regarding wedding photography, call me at +386 40 836 998 or write to me at or fill in the contact form.